How can we change the way the world “works” to effect sustainability, peace and plenty?

That the Earth needs saving is beyond question, with wars proliferating and oceans, rain forests, entire species expiring.

We have the potential answer!

It involves a global governance model which includes 4 chosen students from every country in a three year governance course taught by the most prominent thought leaders in the world, and is abetted by a new phenomenon, VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) which utilizes the world wide web along with a corps of boots on the ground information ambassadors for the hinterlands, to create true and total democracy across all national borders. World Change awaits!

Thanks to a visionary billionaire out of Sweden, who is sponsoring a $5,000,000 contest for the best new global governance model, we have fine tuned our offering and are moving forward with making it a reality.

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We are Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG), a Colorado 501-c-3 non profit foundation, dedicated to Earth Rescue through a varied host of initiatives. Read about our Wild Spirit Parades

Thanks to all of you, these are, indeed, mighty times.


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