Welcome to the energy of the Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG), a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are on a mission to address our greatest challenge, which is the ongoing pollution of Earth’s precious and precarious ecosystems. We are armed to the teeth and we have balls.

While thousands of environmental organizations, scientists, critical thinkers, and passionate writers bemoan the decline of our beleaguered air, water, and land, we continue to destroy the once-pristine and diverse ecosystems on which our lives quite literally depend. We are devouring habitat and murdering our fellow species at an ever-accelerated and unforgivable rate.

What, fundamentally, underlies this stupendously stupid situation, this possible end game? Simple: it is the emissions from our consumptive lifestyles, themselves the result of our enormous greed and paucity of love and respect for our home, Our Mother. Before we consume ourselves to death, we must contain our behavior and return to sustainable lifestyles so that something not just livable but exhilarating, inspiring, sacred, and renewable will remain for our children’s children.

So it is to our beloved children that we turn for help.

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Welcome to our progressive and interactive movement to effect Earth Rescue via our children.

Wild Spirit Parades are community festivals featuring awareness presentations to the children that if consumption behavior is not modified, there will be ever less of natural diversity to experience for their children. They learn this and then share with their parents, pleading that they only buy clothes, at least for them, at used stores and that they not buy a new car so often. Parents will pay attention, many of them, to their childrens’ pleas and will change their consumption behavior.

Wild Spirit Parades are easy to effect in your community, and it is our intention to foster them in EVERY community so as to effectively spread the word. Facilitators are invited to keep the sponsorship monies raised as a reward for organizing their Parade.

As we go forward we will be publishing guidelines, sharing how to present a Parade in your community, which then can become a yearly event. We will also sponsor a video contest…stay tuned.

We have an other initiative which is to create a global governance university where future world leaders will study together for two years how to solve all the problems on the planet; eco cide, war, disarmament, inequality and environmental responsibility for sustainability. This is all shared at www.globalpeaceuniversity.com.